Month: October 2023

Episode 200 – Cookie Talk

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 200 Celebration and Dental Woes 0:03
Episode 200 of the Blurring the Lines podcast
Root canal and dental health
Car Troubles and Customer Service 5:47
FedEx Delivery Woes and New Mexican Restaurant 11:03
Persistent Cookies and Cybersecurity 14:52
Persistent cookies and cybersecurity
Server-side Scripting and Frameworks 19:23
Halloween, Spam, and Goosebumps 24:17
Discussion on Streaming Services 28:57
Streaming services and the frustrations of multiple subscriptions
Casual Conversation and Gaming Plans 34:47
Online gaming and the Baldur’s Gate game

AI Summary

Adam and Peter discussed a variety of topics, including their experiences with healthcare, customer service, cybersecurity, server-side scripting, Halloween plans, and streaming services. They shared personal anecdotes about root canals, car repair mishaps, and missed FedEx deliveries, as well as their frustrations with persistent cookies and the complexities of streaming services. They also discussed the benefits and challenges of server-side scripting and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and frameworks. Despite these challenges, they remained optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to continue their podcast and engage in online gaming together.

Adam and Peter also discussed their preferences and experiences with various beers and upcoming online gaming plans, including an upcoming Savage Worlds game convention. They shared their recent experiences playing Baldur’s Gate and the benefits of playing online versus locally, as well as the challenges of being an evil character in the game. Despite some technical difficulties, they continue to enjoy their gaming experiences and look forward to future opportunities to play together.

Overall, the meeting was a casual and lighthearted conversation between two friends, covering a wide range of topics. Despite the challenges and frustrations they discussed, they remained optimistic and grateful for the opportunities they have and the ability to continue their podcast and engage in online gaming together.

Episode 199 – Be a Starter Villain

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Summary provided by AI

Peter and Adam discussed a range of topics, including their personal lives, language learning apps, and the importance of building personal connections in networking events. They also discussed the dangers of open webcams and the need for better security measures. Additionally, they talked about their love of beer and trying new brews, as well as their experiences playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Peter and Adam discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using Read’s Azure wrapper to create an environment in Azure. They also talked about the cost and whether it’s worth buying a license. Additionally, they discussed Microsoft’s confusing naming conventions for their products, including Azure Active Directory and Defender. They joked about the different versions of Defender, including one for cats, and reminisced about the good old days of their last ground game meeting.

The two colleagues also discussed their experiences with language learning apps, specifically Duo Lingo and Babbel. Adam shared his success in gamifying his learning and reaching the Diamond League on Duo Lingo, while Peter found it helpful for building vocabulary but not conversational skills. They also discussed the paid version of the app and the benefits of using it. Overall, they agreed that language learning apps can be helpful, but may not be sufficient for developing conversational skills.

Peter and Adam had a lively discussion about the Smart Less podcast, which they both enjoy. They described the show’s premise and format, and talked about some of the famous guests who have appeared on it. They also discussed the show’s ads, which they found to be a bit annoying due to the varying volume levels. Overall, they recommended the podcast to others who are interested in hearing candid conversations with high-profile guests.

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