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Peter Nikolaidis

Peter Nikolaidis discovered his passion for computers and information technology at a young age. What started as a love of computer games turned into multiple degrees and certifications in the technology field. In 1996, after leaving his job as the network administrator for a college with over 1,200 users on the system which spanned the state of Vermont, Peter struck out on his own, starting Paradigm Consulting Co. just two years later.

Our vision at blurringthelines is to transform the landscape of  inspiring innovation, fostering creativity, and empowering individuals to explore new horizons. We envision a world where [desired future state], and every episode of our podcast is a step toward making that world a reality.

Our mission is to provide exceptional content that educates, entertains, and inspires our audience. At blurringthelines, we are dedicated to producing high-quality podcasts that delve deep into the subjects that matter most to our listeners.

Adam Bell the founder of Sublime Computer Services

Adam Bell is the founder of Sublime Computer Services. Adam has been a professional in the field of Information Technology since 1997. He was formerly the Senior Systems/Network Engineer with Avondale Partners for Six years. Prior to Avondale he worked with HCA as a Systems Engineer and JC Bradford before that. Adam received his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification in 2003. He received his BS in Geographic Information Systems from Austin Peay in 1997.

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Peter Nikolaidis