Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 202 – I Miss Prince

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Chapters & Topics:

Podcast Introduction and Small Talk
Adam and Peter introduce the Blurring the Lions podcast and discuss the popularity of their previous episode on AI. They engage in small talk about the weather and their Apple Watches, with Adam sharing his frustrations with the Audible app on his watch and Peter discussing the limitations of Watch OS.

Discussion on Third-Party Developers and Apple APIs
Peter and Adam talk about the accusations against Apple for not providing third-party developers with the same access to iCloud storage and other Apple APIs as they provide to in-house developers. They also discuss the challenges faced by Audible and Hydrate apps while operating on Apple’s platform.

Hydration and Kidney Function
Peter shares his recent discovery about drinking water within ten hours of waking up to improve kidney function and reduce nighttime bathroom trips. Adam shares his hydration routine and how he drinks water before bed without waking up to pee. They also discuss their family history of kidney stones and the importance of hydration.

Music and Technology
Peter and Adam discuss their reliance on technology, with Peter sharing his recent experience of leaving his phone and watch at home and surviving without them, and Adam reflecting on the difficulty of living without a phone and computer due to his job.

  • Music preferences and live performances

Personal Finance and Account Management
Peter explains how he used to have multiple bank accounts for different purposes, but has now consolidated most of his finances into one account that earns interest. He also talks about switching credit cards to one that offers better rewards, and how he is working to ensure all his recurring payments are on the new card. Additionally, he mentions changing insurance carriers to save money.

Payment Methods and Fees
Peter and Adam discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using a home equity line of credit versus a traditional mortgage, and the flexibility it provides. They also discuss the difficulties of paying closing costs out of pocket and the various payment methods available, including wire transfers and cashier’s checks.

  • Home equity line of credit and refinancing

Cashless Transactions and Traveling Abroad
Peter and Adam have a conversation about the use of cashless transactions in different countries, with Peter mentioning Estonia as a country that is known for its electronic payment systems. Adam argues that cash is still necessary when traveling abroad, as credit card transactions can come with varying exchange rates and fees. He suggests that it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand when traveling, just in case.

Health Insurance and HSA
Peter and Adam discuss their health insurance plans and HSA accounts. Peter is considering trying the value plan and staying in network for his healthcare needs. He likes the tax-free savings of his HSA but is aware of the expensive out-of-network costs. Adam always uses his HSA for healthcare expenses and prefers to keep the money there for medical purposes rather than investing it.

  • Using HSA for healthcare expenses

Music and Live Performances
Adam expresses his preference for intimate live performances and shares his regret of not being able to see Prince live. Peter suggests watching Prince’s Super Bowl performance and shares his experience of not appreciating live music earlier. They also discuss how some songs sound better live than in the studio and share their favorite live performances by various artists.

Lavender Farm Fungus Dilemma
Adam discusses the challenges they are facing with the root rot fungus affecting their lavender farm. They explain the causes of the fungus and the impact it has had on their plants. They also discuss their plans to confirm the presence of the fungus and explore options for treatment or finding fungus-resistant plants.

  • Dealing with root rot in lavender plants

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