Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 208 – Belize to Vermont

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

The Blurring the Lines podcast hosts, Peter Nikolaidis and Adam Bell, engage in a casual discussion about their personal lives, including travel, home renovations, phone models, and wireless and internet plans. They emphasize the importance of periodically reviewing and negotiating plans for better deals. They also discuss the potential of using satellite internet for off-grid functionality and the drawbacks of a 4K monitor. The conversation reflects a shared interest in exploring psychological themes within the context of superhero literature and a critical approach to selecting reading material.
The hosts delve into the cyber attack on the Deuvel Moortgaat brewery in Belgium, shedding light on the ransom group Stormus claiming responsibility for the attack. They express concern about the impact on beer production and the potential ransom demands, while also highlighting the resilience of the brewery in the face of the attack. Adam Bell educates the group about the intricate workings of septic tanks, delving into the process of anaerobic respiration and the vital role of bacteria in breaking down waste. He also highlights the importance of regular maintenance and the potential consequences of infrequent use.

Blurring the Lines Podcast Episode 208 0:00
Remote work and travel
Discussion on Internet Connectivity Options 6:45
Discussion on Phone Upgrades and Financing 9:58
Consolidating Phone Lines and Wireless Plans 12:08
Technology and gadgets
Using iPad as a Second Monitor 17:59
Discussion on Apple Products and Monitors 22:44
Mail Forwarding Woes and Solutions 27:19
Discussion on Books about Superheroes and Psychology 32:13
Cyber Attack on Brewery 35:00
Cybersecurity and ransomware attacks
Septic Tank Education 38:23
Septic tank and septic system
Job Changes and Professional Services 44:44
Organizational changes and career development


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