Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 214 – Youtube AI Scripts

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Blurring the Lines Podcast Episode 214 0:02
Weather and Seasons
Family Updates
Physical Rehabilitation and Fitness Plans 5:35
Physical Therapy and Personal Training
Dealing with State Bureaucracy 12:25
Prepping and Food Storage Discussion 16:35
AI and Amazon 18:08
AI Applications and Tools
Using the YT Tool for YouTube Video Analysis 20:30
Generating YouTube Video Transcript Summary 25:39
Testing Llama3 and GPT-40 Models 27:07
AI Applications and Podcast Production 29:39
Discussion on Apple’s Rumored Password Manager 34:36
Apple’s Rumored Password Manager
Discussion on Warp and Fabric Utilities 37:00

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