Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 198 – Are We Really Going to Podcast?

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

The meeting began with Peter and Adam discussing their missed recordings due to technical difficulties and scheduling conflicts. They then moved on to talk about their experiences with Octoberfest events, with Peter sharing his favorite event and his homemade Octoberfest-style dinner. Adam shared his love for rice-based drinks and discussed a Mexican breakfast drink called Osco Leche. They ended the section by discussing the effects of starting the day with a high glycemic, carby breakfast.

The conversation then shifted to the process of distilling alcohol and the differences between various types of alcohol, including vodka, bourbon, and moonshine. They touched on the importance of price and quality when it comes to choosing alcohol and shared their personal preferences and experiences with different brands and types. They also discussed the unique flavors and characteristics of different types of alcohol, such as the oak barrel flavor of bourbon and the distinct taste of moonshine.

Peter shared his recent running experiences, including his preference for trail running and the benefits of sleeping in his own bed before a race. He discussed his second half marathon and his first trail half marathon, which he completed in about two and a half hours and found to be a fun experience. Adam talked about his recent visit to a truck restoration shop in Henderson, Nevada, and his plans to restore his family heirloom truck.

The meeting also covered topics such as gambling at casinos, the pros and cons of tipping, the benefits of using 4K monitors, and the experience of using a text-to-speech reader called Speech Offy. They also discussed their experiences with the Apple Watch Ultra Two and the Ocean Band, as well as Peter’s detailed account of his experience purchasing and driving his new Kia EV6. The meeting ended with a discussion on the importance of filing class action claims to get settlements from big companies and how it is a civic duty to do so.

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