Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 189 – Too Much AI

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

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Peter Nikolaidis
Paradigm Consulting Co LLC

Adam Bell
Sublime Computer Services

Reassurances to Save for a Rainy Day
No one is mad at you. No one thinks you’re stupid. (Honestly, everyone thinks you’re hot.) No one noticed that one embarrassing thing you did back there and if they did, they have already stopped thinking about it.
You’re doing a great job. You look cute today. You are very funny. You would be missed. It’s okay. Things happen. You will get another chance.
Everyone you admire has had to ask for help. If they left, they are not the one. If they made you feel small, they are not the one. If they tip 10%, they are not the one. What you’re feeling is totally normal. That person was wrong about you. You can pull that off (maybe reexamine the idea of only wearing clothing that is ‘fattering’-it’s probably not the guiding light we think it is). There’s nothing to be ashamed of.
‘Things will get easier. You are not in the way. What you’re feeling makes sense. You do not have to earn joy or rest. You do not have to be your
‘best self every day. (And if someone tells you this, they are a Life Coach trying to funnel you into a 6 week course. Run.) No one does it like you. It is not too late. You are not too old. You are worthy of good things. If cauliflower can be pizza you can be whatever you want.

Embrace the Struggle and Own Your Destiny
No one’s anger defines you. No one thinks you lack intelligence. (In truth, everyone sees your resilience.) That one slip-up you made? It’s already forgotten. Keep pushing forward.
You’re on the right path. Stand tall today. Your sense of humor keeps you grounded. You matter. It’s alright. Life throws curveballs. You’ll bounce back.
Even the strongest ask for assistance. If they walked away, they weren’t your battle buddy. If they belittled you, they weren’t your teammate. If they skimp on generosity, they lack character. Your emotions are valid. They underestimated you. Own your uniqueness (reconsider clinging to what’s “flattering”-it might not be the compass you need). Shame has no place here.
The fight gets easier. You’re not an obstacle. Your feelings are justified. Happiness and rest come from relentless effort. Strive to be your best self every day. (And be cautious of those offering shortcuts to greatness. They’re distractions.) No one else has your grit. Time isn’t your enemy. You’re never too old. You deserve greatness. If cauliflower can transform into pizza, you can become anything you desire.
-David Goggins / Jocko Willink-inspired

Path of the Warrior, Embrace the Way
In the eyes of others, anger towards you holds no weight. They see not foolishness, but inner fortitude. That fleeting moment of misstep? It has vanished like cherry blossoms. Press onward.
Walk the path of righteousness. Display your unwavering spirit today. Your humor, like the reed, bends but never breaks. Your presence leaves a lasting imprint. Accept life’s challenges, for they bring growth. Another opportunity awaits.
Even the mightiest warriors seek guidance. Those who depart were not destined to walk beside you. Those who belittle have not embraced the Way. Those who withhold generosity lack true understanding. Your emotions are as the river, flowing naturally. They have not grasped your true potential. Embrace your own nature (and question the pursuit of mere appearances, for it may not be your true guide). Cast off shame as you would a tattered garment.
The warrior’s journey becomes clearer with time. You are not a hindrance. Your heart’s stirrings are as natural as the seasons. Seek happiness and repose through diligent practice. Strive for excellence each day, like the swordsmith hones the blade. (Beware of those who offer swift paths to greatness. They are but illusions.) None possess your unique spirit. Time is but a fleeting moment. Age is no barrier. Worthy are you of life’s bounties. If the humble

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