Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 205 – Winter Storm 2024

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Blurring the Lines Podcast Episode 205 0:00
Winter storm preparations
Monitoring and managing home heating systems remotely
Issues with IoT Devices 6:01
Discussion on Photo Storage and Editing Options 12:16
Discussion on AI-generated photos and facial recognition 15:38
Challenges with Canceling Supplemental Health Insurance 20:56
Supplemental health insurance and billing processes
Issues with Credit Card Customer Service 25:08
Ach Processing and Security Concerns 29:46
Managing Online Payments and Subscriptions 33:54
Streaming services and subscriptions
Issues with Audible App on Apple Watch 38:52
Audible app functionality on Apple Watch

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