Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 212 – Out of Balance

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Blurring the Lines Podcast Episode 212 0:02
Discussion on Website Refresh and Technical Issues 5:00
Podcast website refresh
Website Redesign Challenges 8:56
Work-Life Balance and Recent Activities 11:52
Balancing Work and Personal Life 17:15
Discussion on AI Frameworks and Tools 27:32
Analyzing Claims in Local Politics 33:40
AI Applications and Use Cases 37:54
AI and security
Property Taxes and Rent Control 42:21
Tax refunds and legal processes
Car Ownership and Legal Issues 47:00
Plans for Special Episode and Contact Information 50:28

Nifty or Pre-Nifty (aka “what we buyin’ / what we gonna buy”)?

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