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Monday Morning

Dell XPS 13 – Glitchy Bluetooth Mouse

I purchased a new Dell XPS 13 and a new Bluetooth mouse because of the lack of USB cables.  I was very disappointed in the performance of the mouse.  I was not sure if it was the mouse or the bluetooth driver.  I would constantly have to move the mouse to keep it “awake”.  It turns out  it was a power setting that was quickly and easily resolved.  Turn off the power saving option for the bluetooth wireless and it started working right away.

Device Manager > Bluetooth > Intel Wireless Bluetooth

Episode 92 – Dell XPS 13 Review

00:00 – Intro
02:28 – Yoga studio video coming….
03:02 – Crossfit Open is in week 2!
05:15 – If I fight Conor McGregor
09:30 – Fyre the Greatest Party That Never Happened – Spoiler Alert
15:58 – The main character is a bad guy
19:10 – Exercise update
23:45 – Can you overtrain Yoga?
30:10 – Dell XPS 13 Two in One review
42:23 – Shipping first world problem
46:10 – 4 hour work week results
47:10 – The Tesla on Ice “Toasted”
51:35 – Contact Us!

Teslas on Ice

Crossfit Games

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