Month: November 2017

Episode 65 – Apple Root

After a small tech blooper, Peter explains the importance of Apple High Sierra Root vulnerability.   The guys discuss Stranger Things (No spoilers) Marvel’s the Punisher, Justice League, Real Estate for Fun and Profit (Cough).  They also wonder when Amazon is going to start paying them for talking about them all of the time.

1:40– Apple Flaw
5:30– Stranger Things 2
8:30– Netflix Marvel
16:26– Yoga Delays
20:33– Podcast Famous
22:22– Alexa Calls
26:20- Why Not Pay Us?
28:27- Nifty Things
33:13- Siri Problems
38:14- Root beer explosion
41:19- Sign Off and Email

Episode 64 – Peter’s on a boat… Nope a Minivan

No heavy mic breathing today.  Peter’s car died and the guys talk about company gifts, holiday plans, Aruba and some phishing.  They tried not to talk about Amazon, but it slipped in.

1:06– A Little Cold
3:05– No Breathing!
4:23– Tesla Semi
7:15– Driving a Minivan
7:50– Peter’s Dead Car
14:27– Stranger Things and Other Shows
16:36– IT Spending
20:35– Company Gifts
23:13– New Beer
26:17- New Card
29:54- Thanksgiving
34:04- Phishing Tests
40:54- New Yoga
44:48- Amazon Yoga
47:13- Nifty
53:59- Contact Info
54:26- Sign Off and Email


Amazon Rekognition


Episode 63 – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Flip

It is very appropriate.  Adam made the mistake of getting way too much nose breathing in the mic.  It plays right into our overall all plan of “Not Giving a Flip”.  The guys hit the topics of bitten by DIYIT, injuries, Krav Maga, CHUCK NORRIS, Facebook fast, The Suble Art of not Giving a Flip, Lost credit cards, Sonos One and Amazon toys.

01:15 – Moving Back Aches
03:17 – Peter’s injured hand
04:33 – Interns working out and roommates running
10:11 – Doing things yourself
13:15 – Amazon Echo Chuck Norris facts
14:48 – Facebook Fasting
18:27 – The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A…
23:01 – Lost credit cards
33:07 – Losing headsets and books
35:24 – Echo Dot and Sonos
44:34 – No nifty or trivia
45:54 – Sign off and email

Sorry about the nose breathing….