Month: August 2017

Episode 58 – The Evil Overlord Episode

The guys read an oldie but goodie Peter’s Evil Overlord List.  If I were an Evil Overlord, then I would….

This Weeks Trivia Question:  According to a member of the Justice League, “what are the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces called, and what is their purpose?”

0:45-Feeling Evil
1:26-Recalling the Eclipse
3:00-Tent Camping
4:20-Trivia Answer
5:10-AI/Star Craft
11:00-Evil Overlording
39:37-New Question
44:32-Sign off and email

Episode 57 – Alexa Compliment me!

The guys discuss Comcast, ATT and Verizon internet service, selling and positioning as an entrepreneur.  

:58-News in Nashville
3:12-Evil Overlording
4:10-Trivia Answer
5:32-New Property Internet
17:36-ATT Fiber/Netflix etc.
33:42-Selling in business
39:09-Small Shoppe Many Hats
43:30-Somewhere Tropical
44:42-New Trivia Question
46:10-Wrap Up
47:00-Sign off and email

This Weeks Trivia Question:

Which Artist painted a moustache and goatee on the Mona Lisa?

Episode 56 – The Californians

The guys have Doug Stidham on the show to talk about crazy Californians and their gun laws.  They guys also talk about the Unifi family of products and make some recommendations.


Trivia question

  • Q:  Where did Samuel Clemens get the idea for his pseudonym, Mark Twain?

1:47-Introducing Doug Stidham!
2:42-What’s new-with Peter!
3:10-Alexa complement
4:26-Back to tech
8:00-Back to Doug
10:53-Animal Moving
14:10-Gun Laws
24:39-Interrupting Wives
26:05-Wild to Crazy California
31:15-What about technology/Unifi
45:26-Back to Unifi
47:34-Client Label Printing
51:09-Lost in Google Docs
52:22-Back to Trello
53:18-Trivia Question
54:19-Doug and the Big Red Button
55:54-Sign off and email

Notes and Links:

Unifi Web Site:


Episodlette 55 – Short and sweet

The guys chat about Google Chrome Pop-up messing with the Security guy. Something good came out of the eBay iPad. Free beer, and Brewing for Dummies.


0:57- Why it’s a happy Thursday
3:25- Peter’s computer problems
5:58- Peter’s apartment game and rental properties
7:27- Couch problems
12:11- Distracting message
12:58- Peter’s moving plans
13:57- Adam’s good eBay iPad experience
18:45- Peter’s Verizon/Comcast story
22:30- Peter’s neighbor’s beer
26:30- Apple Airpods/different earbuds
35:14- Sign off and email