Month: July 2017

Episode 54 – Googleopoly?

The guys talk about Adam’s new Beretta Nano, Carvir AV, IPad’s on Ebay, Scammers and Spammers are everywhere, Crossfit Man Makers, Peter is counting Pokemon before they hatch, driving Tesla’s, Amazon Echo Dot’s.  That is just the warm up before Adam and Peter discuss whether or not Google is a Search Engine monopoly.

Episode Notes and Links

Beretta Nano


Google a Monopoly?–crushing-internet


Googles Academic papers


Google Isn’t A Monopoly – So Don’t Break It Up Or Regulate It Like One


Bing, Google’s largest competitor, was using Google.

Episode 53 – The Spam Episod

Attention: Sir/Madam. This email is to all people that have been scammed in any part of the world


Adam Bell and Tim Richter Talk Ransomware

Adam Bell and Tim Richter talk about ransomware.  This is the recording of the Facebook Live video.  Adam and Tim talk about how the I.T. department can protect the computers from ransomware and how the users can help.

Sublime Computer Services – Adam Bell – 615-942-0850 –

RCOR Technologies – Tim Richter – 919-313-9355 –