Month: March 2017

Episode 44 – A Yoga Discussion with Jenna Palm

Jenna Palm is one of those rare individuals who a)has her own business, b) has been influential in one of our hosts’ lives, and c) has not wanted to punch Peter. Coming from a background of dance and gymnastics, Jenna saw yoga as a new physical challenge. She attended regular yoga classes on her college campus and quickly fell in love with the practice. She began teaching Yoga in 2010, and has been described by some as “the greatest yoga teacher in the universe.”

Episode Notes and Links

Episode 43 – The Infinite Monkey Probability

The guys keep on target today and talk about fiber and internet, Peter’s brewing successes in beer and vinegar, How the CIA is hacking everything, the service IFTTT (If This Then That), Website backups, and a new trivia question.

Episode Notes and Links

Peter’s Baltic Porter is a success! But his Aztec Cerveza tastes like vinegar!


This CIA is hacking everything, but not in a very impressive way.

Notepad Plus Plus


If This Then That


Infinite Monkeys

Episode 42 – Facebooking Failing

The guys talk about the heat wave, Peter’s Black Eye, Krav Maga, Kitchen Appliance failures, Real Estate Successes and Failures and Nigerian Scams.

Here is Peter’s face while Adam is trying to figure out Facebook Live. (Notice the black eye)

The fun facts about how to correctly use an apostrophe.
Trivia Question…. You must listen to hear the question.