Month: February 2017

Episode 41 – Blurring the lines from the road

The guys take the call to the road.  With the weather almost 80 degrees in February, Adam is out visiting some rural property.  Peter is looking at a condo (in rural Northeast).  They guys discuss/rant about the fun of dealing with banks.  Peter is teaching how to take a fall in Krav Maga tonight.  We hope to have video of this next week.  Adam discusses the Crossfit Open.  As always, a little bit of computer security and beer brewing is discussed.


Game of Thrones Beer

Episode 40 – What Can You Learn From 6 Successful Cyber Security Experts?

Peter and I join Tim Richters’ webinar to lend our expertise to the discussion.  I hope you enjoy the webinar and learn something that will help protect your business from Cyber-crime.


Peter Nikolaidis

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Senior Security Analyst


Adam Bell

Sublime Computer Services

Business Continuity Expert


Tim Richter

RCOR Technologies

Ransomware and Cyber Security Expert



Kevin Landers

Fully Involved Solutions

Cloud Security Expert


Bill Wright

WCI Technology Solutions

Financial Security Expert


Bryan Lachapelle

B4 Networks

Network Infrastructure Security Expert

Episode 39 – Peters’ Microchip on the Shoulder Day

The guys talk about Peter’s grumpy day and how snow, UPS, upstairs neighbors, distributors, non-paying customers and Home Depot are adding to the grump.  They also talk about IT Business trends that they see in the Enterprise and Small Business.  Peter explains the benefits of Sophos Firewalls.

The Fake Attack Map:



Episode 38 – Keep the Bees and Bears out of the Beer.

Tim Richter with RCOR Technology join Peter and Adam in this episode.  The guys talk about bee keeping, a little beer brewing and silliness ensues.  Peter and Adam joined Tim’s Cyber Security Webinar this week and discuss some take aways.  Peter celebrates a birthday this week.




Episode Notes and Links

If meat eaters acted like Vegans

Bee Keeper – Smoker

The Past Webinar

What Can You Learn From 6 Successful Cyber Security Experts?

Tim’s Nifty Telprompter