Month: November 2016

Episode 28 – We are secure (because we said so!)

Ken Scott becomes a repeat offender on Blurring the Lines.  We talk about how the government declares that they are keeping our voting information secure.  We also discuss how mere mortals deal with technology issues. Enjoy the show.

Episode 27 – Peter puts Krav Maga to the test… or vice versa.

We talk about Peter’s Krav Maga brown belt test that he is taking right after the podcast.  You know it is going to be a long test when they tell you “Drink lots of water and bring your protective cup.”


Episode Notes and Links

Episode 26 – Vendor Lock-in

Adam and Peter discuss the good the bad and the ugly ways that vendors get you locked into contracts.  

Remote Control Software

Episode 25 – Business Phones Today

Adam and Peter discuss the topic Voice Over IP and try to shed light on the daunting task of choosing the right phones for your business.