Month: October 2016

Episode 24 – Livin’ the Vida Ubuntu

Peter and Adam invite Ken Scott to speak about Ubuntu and how he has converted his whole family to the alternative OS lifestyle.  Warning to the technically challenged:  There is a lot of technobabble in this episode, but the guys have a great time.

Ubuntu Distribution

Mint Distribution

Episode 23 – Beer Brewing #2

As Peter is leveling up to Beer Meister, he and Adam discuss his progress.  Adam has been watching too many episodes of the Xfiles and has a conspiracy theory of his own.

Episode 22 – The Hard Knocks of Business

Regarding the lightbulb, Thomas Edison is paraphrased as saying, “I have not failed.  I have simply found 10,000 possibilities that do not work”.  Peter and Adam share in ways that they have failed in business, but not quit.

Episode 21 – IT Horror Stories

Halloween is right around the corner.  Peter and Adam share horror stories from the IT front.  The Nifty of the week is the Kanex keyboard.

Kanex Keyboards