Month: September 2016

Episode 20 – Insomnia and Fitness Trackers

Peter and Adam talk about Insomnia which leads to Fitness Trackers and how life is now quantified by the number of steps taken.

Microsoft Band

Fit Bit Charge HR

Episode 19 – You do not get a biscuit

Peter and Adam sit and quarterback from the IT Armchairs regarding Delta Airlines data center fire.  They also discuss that the Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Dash services are quite nifty.

Delta Data Center Fire:

Kindle Website


Episode 18 – Don’t Let Hackers Get the Best of Your Business

Peter and Adam join Tim Richter in a roundtable discussion concerning ransomware.  The guys discuss how business owners should be protecting their computer infrastructure. This a collaborative follow up to Peter’s white paper 10 Critical Steps to Survive a Ransomware attack.  Not a bad webinar considering that the rest of the time Tim and Peter do not talk to each other.

Video Webinar Recording

Episode 17 – What am I paying you for??

In this episode Adam and Peter shed light on the elusive IT Services billing.

Episode 16 – The Battle Wages On…. Apple VS Windows

In this episode Adam and Peter are not trying dissuade you from your favorite operating system.  They discuss the pros and cons of both the Windows and Apple platforms.