Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 115 – Effects and Business Financing Covid-19

00:25 – Introductions
01:00 – Feeling the pressure of Covid-19 and it hitting home
02:20 – Venturing out and the “new normal”
06:55 – Haircuts today
07:53 – Financing Covid-19 affected business
27:55 – USA Today – “Don’t take the ‘free money’ from PPP loan if your business doesn’t face a threat from COVID-19”
34:49 – Fun Toilet Paper Facts
37:54 – Businesses will better and service will be changed permanently
43:11 – 5G is spreading Covid-19
44:43 – Nifty – Beats Powerbeats Pro vs Apple Airpods Pro vs Jabra Elite 65T
52:52 – Wrapping it up.

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