Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 114 – Can Adam and Peter Make it Wright?

00:26 – Intros with Adam Bell, Peter Nikolaidis and Bill Wright
02:40 – Peter introduces Adam to Munchkin
09:00 – Windows 7 is still lingering – Don’t be irresponsible
18:55 – Somewhat funny toilet paper story
22:26 – Kentucky released information about scams concerning Covid-19. This is a good guide to help people to not get scammed.
24:25 – More USB Key scams with Teddy Bears
26:53 – Zoom – We all have to talk about it.
28:22 – Corona beer is stopping production
30:29 – Sharing data with Facebook and privacy
33:22 – The race to work from home
37:35 – Microsoft changes the names….
39:23 – Peter quit Facebook, but Facebook never quit him
40:05 – Heatmap of CoronaVirus pandemic during spring break
44:10 – Tracking – The electric alibi
46:10 – Business has changed but it is time to do things in new ways
51:18 – Wrapping it up

Kentucky Scams

Using Zoom? Using it securely?

Not using Facebook? They can still track you. It’s hopeless.

And zoom did make a reasonable response.

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