Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 112 – Everyone’s Headline – COVID 19

00:00 – Intros with Tim Richter
MacBook Pro Display Swap
Peter’s weekly rant concerning Tesla and Apple Watch
Stock Exchange – Oh My
The Nashville area Tornado
Peter runs (the equivalent of) Kifisia to Athens (halfway to Marathon)

31:24 – COVID-19
Peter’s license to carry.
Peter uses Instacart for the first time and is a “lookie guy.”
Discussion on is this getting blown out of proportion?
What Peter is doing at home, at work, and in yoga classes.

Stay home.
Work remotely.
Stock up on supplies. Don’t buy $#!+ you don’t need. Do buy and stock what you can use.
Is stockpiling illegal?

70:34 – Nifty – Airtable for preparation
73:30 – Closing remarks and Big Red Button

Hand washing

COVID-19 and your Yoga Studio: How have you or your studio adapted to the health recommendations?

“Get to know your neighbors. Talk with your neighbors about emergency planning. If your neighborhood has a website or social media page, consider joining it to maintain access to neighbors, information, and resources.”

$0.99 book: The Sane Prepper
Peter’s Airtable Granary Inventory Database

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