Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 85 – The Book Report Episode

0:55 – Peter practices sign language
2:31 – Adam is never late
3:25 – The life of an entrepreneur
4:30 – Using Amolto (Ironically my copy didn’t work and we had to use Peter’s copy)
6:50 – Peter continues to become the Yogi master – Yang Yoga
10:18 – Gozalez with a z or s? Who knows.
11:30 – The book reports and summaries
14:05 – The 4 hour work week
17:12 – You Don’t Have to be a Shark
22:07 – Masheka Turner – Shout out – Bright Skies Payroll & Bookkeeping Services
23:09 – The Swami
25:40 – Amazon passes on Nashville
28:30 – Waze Lights the Beacons
31:54 – Bad sense of direction
33:38 – James Clear Book Summaries
38:05 – Cyber Threat Defender
44:45 – Deer season
46:30 – Premature Big Red Button

Episode Notes and Links

Fake Sign Language

James Clear Book Summaries

Waze Lights the Beacons to Guide Drivers Through Chicago’s Tangled Streets

The 4 Hour Workweek Revisited

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Cyber Threat Defender

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