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Episode 80 – Amazon Tech Talker

This is a techier talking episode.  The guys discuss the Peter’s visit to LA, what interests them with Amazon releasing 70 new products and the integration possibilities.  A follow up handwriting apps and capabilities.

1:36– LA
5:18– New Watch and TV
7:00– Amazon Announcement
13:56– Cortana and Palm
18:01– Tackhammer
18:29– Tech Glitch
22:40– Other Amazon Interests
26:24- Subtiltles
29:00- Smart Plug
30: 26- One Computer
34:04- Text Writing
39:33- Evernote
44:18- Task Survey
45:49- Searches
49:25- Device Travel
57:42- Old Games
1:02:52– Next Time
1:04:04– Sign Off and Email

Episode Notes and Links

Neal Stephenson


John Pinette on warranties


Amazon’s new products


Exporting messages




Backup Imessages


Adam — there are apps that will do handwriting recognition on iPad. One of the best is Notability.

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