Blurring The Lines Podcast

Episode 60 – Yes That is the Iphone X – Doing Friday the 13th Wrong

The guys discuss Adam’s family trip to Canada, Eh,

Amazon is coming to Nashville or Boston, Who is Peter’s roomate?  Equifax and Peter’s next career in efficiency by helping people not “do it wrong”.   Peter is doing Friday the 13th all wrong.?.

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1:33-Fear of Friday the 13th
2:50-Trivia Answer
8:21-Canada! + Side notes with Peter
22:27-Amazon HQ
30:45-Facebook Fasting
33:18-Good Old Email
35:11-Equifax Failed Again
38:39-iPhone 8
45:00-Still iPhone
50:30-Printer Problems and efficiency consulting
1:01:40-No Nifty
1:03:25-Not Speeding in Reverse
1:04:37-Sign Off and Email

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