Episode 59 – Peter Says “I’m on a boat!”

The guys banter about Peter’s experience of being a boat captain, Amazon coming to town, the Equifax Breach, Hurricane Preparations and some nifty items.  …and a trivia question that the neighbors are very interested in knowing.

1:00– Weather
1:25– Boat Salvage
3:49– Tuesday Boating
7:38– Wedding Stories
9:40– Amazon Headquarters
13:38– Equifax/I’ve been pwned
17:41– Hurricane Prep/ Sliding doors
22:07– Ninja Rocks
23:53– Stories with Peter
32:50- IT Guy with a tree farm
37:40- Prblem Tenants
39:17- Nifty New Things
43:25- Dark Net AI book
46:20- Trivia Answer
48: New Trivia
53:33-Sign off and email

I have been Pwned




Bose Speakers


Darknet – The Book


Here is the video that Peter laughs about being “On a Boat”.  Disclaimer: It is not suitable for work or children.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yfISlGLNU