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Episode 34 – Venusaur is Caught!

Adam and Peter start off with new year with Peter actually catching a Venusaur!  The guys discuss what to do with two hydrometers, email spam, taxes and the Netflix series OA (No Spoilers).

Show Links: NSFW

Homebrewing for Dummies – Hydrometer

Episode 33 – Kevin Blinds the IoT with a Beer Hydrometer

Kevin Landers joins us again to finish out 2016.  We talk about Internet of Things with Amazon, Workaholism, Beer Brewing updates and general banter.

Episode Notes and Links


Beer Kit


Mr Beer kit


Echo Dot


Echo Tap



Episode 32 – Christmas with Kevin Landers

Kevin Landers with Fully Involved Solutions joins the show today.  Today is a same day broadcast for Christmas.  The guys talk about tech business, beer brewing and have a lot of fun.  The only thing that we asked Kevin not to do was swear…. You will have to listen to find out if he did or not.

Links and Notes:

A world of regret:

Root Beer Recipe

Lager is to “Store”

Lager (German: storeroom or warehouse) is a type of beer that is conditioned at low temperatures, normally at the brewery. It may be pale, golden, amber, or dark.

E-Myth Revisited


Episode 30 – Ethical Hacking….. Really

Seth Thompson joins the show to discuss ethical hacking.  Peter kills yet another fitness tracker.  The guys talk about penetration testing and why it should be done.  For kicks, Adam brings up some common movie hacker phrases.


Peters’ new diet

New Fitness Tracker:


The Hot Chicken Experience:


Episode 31 – Curt – “Anything But!”

Due to popular demand.  This episode was pushed up a week.

The guys interview Curt Holzendorf.  Curt happens to be another guest who has punched Peter.  Curt is a friend of Peter’s from Krav Maga.  Curt entertains and shares with us just a few stories of Krav Maga, Firearms and Emergency Services in Boston.