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Episode 115 – Effects and Business Financing Covid-19

00:25 – Introductions
01:00 – Feeling the pressure of Covid-19 and it hitting home
02:20 – Venturing out and the “new normal”
06:55 – Haircuts today
07:53 – Financing Covid-19 affected business
27:55 – USA Today – “Don’t take the ‘free money’ from PPP loan if your business doesn’t face a threat from COVID-19”
34:49 – Fun Toilet Paper Facts
37:54 – Businesses will better and service will be changed permanently
43:11 – 5G is spreading Covid-19
44:43 – Nifty – Beats Powerbeats Pro vs Apple Airpods Pro vs Jabra Elite 65T
52:52 – Wrapping it up.

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Episode 114 – Can Adam and Peter Make it Wright?

00:26 – Intros with Adam Bell, Peter Nikolaidis and Bill Wright
02:40 – Peter introduces Adam to Munchkin
09:00 – Windows 7 is still lingering – Don’t be irresponsible
18:55 – Somewhat funny toilet paper story
22:26 – Kentucky released information about scams concerning Covid-19. This is a good guide to help people to not get scammed.
24:25 – More USB Key scams with Teddy Bears
26:53 – Zoom – We all have to talk about it.
28:22 – Corona beer is stopping production
30:29 – Sharing data with Facebook and privacy
33:22 – The race to work from home
37:35 – Microsoft changes the names….
39:23 – Peter quit Facebook, but Facebook never quit him
40:05 – Heatmap of CoronaVirus pandemic during spring break
44:10 – Tracking – The electric alibi
46:10 – Business has changed but it is time to do things in new ways
51:18 – Wrapping it up

Kentucky Scams

Using Zoom? Using it securely?

Not using Facebook? They can still track you. It’s hopeless.

And zoom did make a reasonable response.

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Episode 113 – Our New Virtual World

00:00 Intros
02:11 Remote access for clients at home
11:09 Can you buy groceries?
12:53 Trugrid for our clients to work from remote
16:00 Who has laptops and who gets VPN on home computers?
20:00 Come to the office to fill out paperwork. Really?
22:50 FMLA during the Covid-19 crisis
26:51 How many people are on the internet?
31:00 Zoom for Yoga and other gatherings
41:42 How are you staying in contact with your communities?
53:25 The Nifty – If you are a hacker

Internet usage stats

Video Conferencing Growth

Munchkin the Game



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Episode 112 – Everyone’s Headline – COVID 19

00:00 – Intros with Tim Richter
MacBook Pro Display Swap
Peter’s weekly rant concerning Tesla and Apple Watch
Stock Exchange – Oh My
The Nashville area Tornado
Peter runs (the equivalent of) Kifisia to Athens (halfway to Marathon)

31:24 – COVID-19
Peter’s license to carry.
Peter uses Instacart for the first time and is a “lookie guy.”
Discussion on is this getting blown out of proportion?
What Peter is doing at home, at work, and in yoga classes.

Stay home.
Work remotely.
Stock up on supplies. Don’t buy $#!+ you don’t need. Do buy and stock what you can use.
Is stockpiling illegal?

70:34 – Nifty – Airtable for preparation
73:30 – Closing remarks and Big Red Button

Hand washing

COVID-19 and your Yoga Studio: How have you or your studio adapted to the health recommendations?

“Get to know your neighbors. Talk with your neighbors about emergency planning. If your neighborhood has a website or social media page, consider joining it to maintain access to neighbors, information, and resources.”

$0.99 book: The Sane Prepper
Peter’s Airtable Granary Inventory Database

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Episode 111 – Your Monthly Subscription Model

00:00 – Intro and Updates, Mac screen focus, garbage eggs, cold call etiquette.
11:18 – Fun banter
19:30 – Fun with 911 testing of VOIP phones
22:45 – Businesses becoming a subscription based model
60:08 – Nifty

Businesses are becoming a Subscription based model

Amazone Prime example

Good Examples:
Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Creative Suite
Sublime Computer Services / Paradigm CC
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Subscribe and Save
Every app on the app store
Gym membership