Episode 17 – What am I paying you for??

In this episode Adam and Peter shed light on the elusive IT Services billing.

Episode 16 – The Battle Wages On…. Apple VS Windows

In this episode Adam and Peter are not trying dissuade you from your favorite operating system.  They discuss the pros and cons of both the Windows and Apple platforms.

Episode 15 – Working from Anywhere

In this episode Adam and Peter discuss how the internet is shrinking the world and that it is now possible to work from anywhere.

Episode 14 – Krav Maga

In this Episode Peter is not Kung Fu fighting.  Those kicks were fast as lightning but not nearly as effective and pragmatic as Krav Maga.  Peter shares his experience and passion for this discipline.




On Thursday, August 25 at 9:45 AM, Tim Richtor Founder & Ceo of RCor Technologies
will be hosting an interactive security roundtable with Peter Nikolaidis Information
Technology & Security Consultant at Paradigm Consulting and Me. (Adam Bell Founder of
Sublime Computer Services)

We are excited to bring you the critical IT security information that you need with a
unique and interactive roundtable discussion. We will also hold a Q & A session to
ensure that all of your burning questions are answered.

The three of us have been in a business development group since 2014. Peter and I host
the podcast Blurring the Lines ( Our three differing personalities will be entertaining as well as informative.