Adam Bell

Episode 149 – Bahama Fishing and TP

Intros, Adam talks about his fishing trip into the Bahamas, Bonefish, Barracuda, Shark, etc, being chased by sharks, Covid rules in the Bahamas, Covid Masking, politics, Critical inquiring and learning, the $10 toilet paper hanger became a huge project, nifty, closing

Episode Notes and Links

East End Lodge in the Bahamas –

Wings Challenge –

Toilet Paper Holder

Episode 137 CyberHacking Part 1

Adam and Peter talk about:  Fitness catchup, New Tablet, Amazon kindle, Kindle unlimited and the systems are now tied together, black Friday deals, it’s a smart lock, battery powered pump, jumping cars with an emergency battery, Sonos wireless ohhhh, the ironman biking light, Christmas tree shopping, people are the security hole, reusing passwords as a security hole, using google as your password, web pages to get you, phishing and spear phishing.  To be continued next week to provide the solutions.


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