Episode 172 – Blurring The Farm

Adam Bell and Peter Nikolaidis
The Blurring The Lines Podcast

Intros, Blurring from the farm today, fitness contests, audio apologies to Scott Wilsey, Peter’s gut problems, It’s not high blood pressure!, Peter orders his Macbook Air M2, being sick and the TV catch up, The Terminal List, actor body transformations, Prime Day is this weekend, Amazon is the Influencer, Thor: Love and Thunder (no spoilers), HAD Enough, Bluetooth and airpods, Connect automatically, Audible doesn’t sync as nicely as I would like on Apple Watch, Same three commercials in an App stinks, Amazon selling and returns, The 17 mile run today, The big run is in September, Kurdene earbuds, no noise suppression or pass through, You can use left or right, Jabra updates, Closing


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