Month: June 2018

Episode 76 – Podcats Episode

After the Old Man Report the guys talk about their homework of finding a refreshing summer brew.  Other things of interest: The yoga minute, Adam’s old knee sleeve and the roller derby, helping clients with their websites and DNS.

What is DNS?




Mother Earth – Born Blonde


Psychology of Passwords


Best IT Companies – Nashville – Boston

Episode 75 – Don’t call it a comeback

It is an upbeat spring Friday with Peter and Adam.  The guys are back in the saddle again with Tesla and beer updates.  The old man report is given. Adam has joined The 20. Some time is spent on the dark web and password safety and stories.  The guys have homework for the next episodes.

Back when Peter was young:

Episode Notes and Links



Tan Tan Smartplug


Dark Web Scan


Great Divide Beers


Ommegang Brewery